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Barents Sea

The Norwegian Barents Sea is one of the last frontiers for hydrocarbon exploration in Europe.

With LNG development for the Snøhvit Field progressing and with recent new discoveries, the region is once again the focus for exploration. Multi-client studies for the Barents Sea started in 2004 with a stratigraphic reappraisal of 60 wells covering the full stratigraphic interval from Tertiary – Palaeozoic. Reservoir quality studies have focused on both the Jurassic & Triassic (56 well study completed in 2009) and Cretaceous & Tertiary (64 well study completed in 2010).

Annual stratigraphic and reservoir quality updates based on recent well releases build on the regional understanding and are made available to licencing companies as yearly datapacks.

Available datasets for Barents Sea