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Phase III: Barents Sea Cretaceous and Tertiary Reservoir Quality Database

The Phase III Barents Sea multi-client study investigates the sedimentology and reservoir quality of the Cretaceous and Tertiary interval, designed to be complementary and supplementary to the Phase I Stratigraphic Database and the Phase II Jurassic and Triassic reservoir quality study.

Designed to provide a basin-wide composite stratigraphic and depositional model for the Cretaceous to Quaternary interval for the Norwegian Barents Sea, this study generates new reservoir quality data for the main reservoir intervals of Cretaceous (Knurr, Kolje, Kolmule, Kviting and Kveite Formations) and Tertiary-Quaternary (Torsk and Nordland Groups) age in the region.

Available information for the Phase III: Barents Sea Cretaceous and Tertiary Reservoir Quality Database

  • Data on the Cretaceous and Tertiary penetrations of 64 wells in the Norwegian Barents Sea.
  • Depositional models of relevant formations based on detailed core descriptions at 1:50 scale for all cored Cretaceous and Tertiary intervals (up to January 2008, 363.25 m of core).
  • Depositional interpretation of uncored intervals over the entire Cretaceous and Tertiary intervals matched to wireline logs in each well.
  • Geochemical study of the Knurr Formation sandstones to understand differential sediment provenance in this highly variable interval (10 wells).
  • Time-slice palaeogeographic maps for each interval (subject to purchase of Phase I), fully integrating data from geochemical analysis.
  • Reservoir quality study including petrographic descriptions of 50 thin sections (plus SEM and XRD on select samples), documenting primary and secondary mineralology and quantification of primary depositional and secondary diagenetic factors.
  • Digital conventional core analysis data.
  • Set of representative core photographs illustrating sedimentological, ichnological and tectonic/diagenetic features.
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.
  • GIS deliverable.
  • One day workshop for subscribing clients.