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2010 Upgrade Nordland and Møre & Vøring Stratigraphic Database

The aim of the 2010 Update Nordland and Møre & Vøring Stratigraphic Database is to incorporate recently released wells from the area into the Ichron stratigraphic subdivision that extends throughout the Mid Norway datasets.

A review of the composite well list during 2010 highlighted the absence of a number of important wells and recently released wells, so these have now been included within this 2010 Update database.

A total of 10 wells have been subjected to biostratigraphic review and this has been augmented by additional slides review to increase the stratigraphic resolution over problematic intervals. The Ichron sequences are calibrated with the Mid Norway lithostratigraphic nomenclature.

Available information for the 2010 Upgrade Nordland and Møre & Vøring Stratigraphic Database

  • Stratigraphic framework and zonation scheme.
  • Local lithostratigraphic scheme applied to all wells.
  • Stratigraphic summary chart for each of the 10 wells including age, lithostratigraphy, sample data points and biostratigraphical marker events, all set against the wireline/MWD logs.
  • Correlation panels highlighting regional thickness trends, stratigraphic breaks and hiatal surfaces within the context of the regional structural elements.
  • Tabulated stratigraphic sequence depths for each individual well.
  • ODM database deliverable (excluding log data).
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.
  • GIS deliverable.