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Nordland Reservoir Quality Database

The Nordland Reservoir Quality Database is a 21 well appraisal of the Tertiary – Triassic intervals including core description, petrography, CCA and time slice thickness and palaeogeographic maps, designed to be both supplementary and complimentary to the original Nordland Stratigraphic Database.

In combination, these reports  provide a composite depositional and stratigraphic model for the Palaeozoic to Tertiary intervals of the Northern Vøring Basin, Nordland Ridge and Helgeland Basin. This dataset is a key link in the series of multi-client studies that extend from the Barents Sea studies in the north and link into the Møre and Vøring Basin studies to the south.

Core material from key penetrations were logged in detail at 1:50 scale with detailed petrographic work also undertaken over the entire Palaeozoic to Tertiary intervals in the area including the Garn, Ile, Ror, Tofte, Tilje, Åre Formations, plus the “Grey beds” and “Red Beds” of the Triassic.

Available information for the Nordland Reservoir Quality Database

  • Data on the Palaeozoic to Tertiary penetrations of 21 wells in the Nordland area.
  • Full stratigraphic interpretation of all wells, utilising stratigraphic schemes defined in the in the stratigraphic database.
  • Detailed core descriptions at 1:50 scale for the cored Palaeozoic to Tertiary successions (764.68 m) with depositional models developed.
  • Depositional interpretation of uncored intervals over the entire Palaeozoic to Tertiary interval matched to wireline logs in each well.
  • Time-slice thickness and palaeogeographic maps for the entire Palaeozoic to Tertiary interval.
  • Reservoir quality study including petrographic descriptions of 105 thin sections (plus SEM and XRD on select samples) summarising petrographic and diagenetic controls within each of the main reservoir units.
  • Digital conventional core analysis data.
  • Set of representative core photographs illustrating sedimentological, ichnological and tectonic/diagenetic features.
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.
  • GIS deliverable.
  • One-day workshop for subscribing clients.