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North Halten Terrace (2015 Update) Stratigraphic Database

The aim of the North Halten Terrace (2015 Update) Stratigraphic Database is to provide a dataset that builds upon and refines the stratigraphic understanding established in the earlier North Halten Terrace and Helgeland Basin study that was completed in 2013.

The 2015 Update study incorporates wells released following completion of the original study together with a number of additional key wells excluded from the original well list. The Halten Terrace and Dønna Terrace wells include the Jette (6607/12-3T2) and Albert (6506/6-2) prospects, the Alve Nord (6607/12-2S) discovery, together with exploration and appraisal wells from the Marulk, and Skarv Fields.

The database comprises a 13 well dataset covering the full stratigraphic section from Tertiary – Triassic. The study utilises the Ichron sequences which are calibrated with the Norwegian Sea lithostratigraphic nomenclature and incorporates both the NPD (revised 2014) and Norlex lithostratigraphic terminology.

Available information for the North Halten Terrace (2015 Update) Stratigraphic Database

  • Stratigraphic framework and zonation scheme.
  • Local lithostratigraphic scheme applied to all wells.
  • Stratigraphic summary chart for each of the 13 wells including age, lithostratigraphy, sample data points and biostratigraphical marker events, all set against the wireline/MWD logs.
  • Correlation panels highlighting regional thickness trends, stratigraphic breaks and hiatal surfaces within the context of the regional structural elements.
  • Tabulated stratigraphic sequence depths for each individual well.
  • ODM database deliverable.
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.
  • GIS deliverable.