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Phase 2 Forties Sandstone Core Facies & Reservoir Quality Database

Following on from the highly successful Phase I study, the Phase 2 Forties Sandstone Core Facies and Reservoir Quality Database describes the core database, depositional facies and fairway characteristics across the study area.

45 cored wells have been reviewed and logged and the resulting facies associations linked to wireline log character within the context of the Ichron deepwater facies scheme. New petrographic and SEM analysis have been undertaken to establish depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality. Conventional core analysis data has also been cross referenced within the database to the facies and petrographic parameters. Palaeogeographic maps have been generated utilising the stratigraphic subdivision outlined in the Phase 1 database.

Available information for the Phase 2 Forties Sandstone Core Facies & Reservoir Quality Database

  • Review of 8,500ft of core from the Forties Sandstone Member from 45 wells.
  • 3,250ft of detailed core descriptions from 20 wells at 1:200 scale presented as a digital sedimentary database in Well CAD.
  • Unified depositional model based on cored intervals and published data.
  • Time-slice thickness and palaeogeographic maps.
  • Reservoir quality study including petrographic descriptions of 80 thin sections (plus SEM and XRD on 12 samples) from key reservoir facies in selected wells.
  • Digital conventional core analysis data.
  • Assessment of primary and secondary controls on reservoir quality based on conventional core analysis and petrographic data.
  • Set of representative core photographs illustrating selected facies types.
  • GIS deliverable.
  • One-day workshop for subscribing clients.
  • Optional fieldtrip to NW Italy (additional costs)