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Phase 3 Stratigraphic database of Eocene sandstones, Central North Sea, UKCS

In 2010 Ichron completed a major stratigraphic review of the Forties Sandstone depositional system (phases 1 & 2). Results provided a significant step change in the understanding of the internal Forties stratigraphy, layering and intra-Forties sandstone distribution. Ichron now propose to extend this level of investigation through the younger Sele, Balder and Horda formations. Key sandstone units and their age equivalents will be calibrated to a unified, high resolution stratigraphic framework; these will include the Bittern, Cromarty and Tay sandstones.

Approximately 100 wells will be included and each well will have been subjected to new biostratigraphic analysis by Ichron. The study will provide an invaluable database that will enable accurate regional interpretation of the presence/absence and distribution of individual sandstones. The object of the study will be to stratigraphically define and calibrate age equivalent sandstones to provide new insights into the vertical and lateral distribution of these Eocene sandstones. The study will extend,for the first time, a unified field-scale stratigraphy for this interval, across most of the Central Graben.

Available information for the Phase 3 Stratigraphic database of Eocene sandstones, Central North Sea, UKCS

  • Biostratigraphic data on approximately 100 wells
  • Application of the Ichron Eocene stratigraphic framework, consistently across a wide database
  • The identification of a series of time slices allowing the palaeogeographic distribution of individual sandstones units to be mapped
  • New insights into potential prospectivity and sand fairway distribution
  • Comprehensive set of well charts and correlation panels
  • Data supplied digitally and in GIS format