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Faroe – Shetland Basin Fairway Mapping Project (North)

The Faroe – Shetland Basin Fairway Mapping Project builds upon the regional understanding gained through the stratigraphic evaluation of over 150 wells from the area.

The Ichron stratigraphic nomenclature and individual well interpretations which are extensively applied as a standard for the area provide the regional framework for this Fairway Mapping Project.

This study of 30 wells in the northern part of the basin provides core-based definition of sediment fairways within each Ichron sequence in 18 of the wells, based on description of 436 m of core. Extrapolation of fairway elements into uncored intervals based on wireline log character allows sand-prone fairways to be mapped throughout the area for each Cretaceous and Tertiary Ichron sequence. Core observations define the fairway type present in each well (e.g. shoreface, channelised, ponded or unconfined,) providing a basis for mapping fairway element geometries.

Available information for the Faroe – Shetland Basin Fairway Mapping Project (North)

  • Data package containing 1:50 core descriptions of 335 m of core (indicated in red opposite).
  • Interpretation of fairway types documented using selected core photographs.
  • ODM population of 30 wells including Ichron sequences, core facies and fairway elements matched to wireline logs for the entire Cretaceous through Tertiary succession.
  • 1:1000 scale summary chart for each well plus regional correlation panels.
  • Regional fairway maps for 20+ selected sand-prone Ichron sequences.
  • Data supplied digitally via GIS framework, including all Ichron sequence and fairway element tops data.