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Møre Basin UKCS Stratigraphic Database

The Møre Basin (UKCS) Stratigraphic Database provides an invaluable dataset for the evaluation of this relatively under-explored region of the UKCS encompassing Quads 217, 218, 219 and 220.

The study includes a number of offset wells from the Northern part of the Faroe – Shetland Basin in Quad 214 and Quad 209 which provide the closest offset wells for seismic well ties for Quads 217 and 218. The study also includes a number of wells from NCS Quad 6201 which then provide a link to the extensive range of Ichron datasets for the Norwegian continental shelf.

A total of 17 wells are included in the study database and cover the full stratigraphic interval from Tertiary –Triassic. The Ichron sequences are calibrated with the UKOOA/BGS lithostratigraphic nomenclature and provide a robust and reliable stratigraphic framework.

Available information for the Møre Basin UKCS Stratigraphic Database

  • Stratigraphic framework and zonation scheme.
  • Local lithostratigraphic scheme applied to all wells.
  • Stratigraphic summary chart for each of the 17 wells including age, lithostratigraphy, sample data points and biostratigraphical marker events, all set against the wireline/MWD logs.
  • Correlation panels highlighting regional thickness trends, stratigraphic breaks and hiatal surfaces within the context of the regional structural elements.
  • Tabulated stratigraphic sequence depths for each individual well.
  • ODM database deliverable (excluding log data).
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.
  • GIS deliverable.