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This is a new stratigraphic service for wellsite monitoring and stratigraphic well placement. It has been specifically designed to help reduce drilling risk and uncertainty and form an integral part of your wellsite geo steering team.

    • Chemical Stratigraphy
    • Palynology & Paly-Lite™
    • Micropalaeontological
    • Nannopalaeontology
    • Laboratory Services
    • All ages covered from Neogene to Pre-Cambrian
    • Applicable in all depositional settings
    • Over 200 successful wellsite projects completed to date
    • Any geographical region onshore or offshore
    • 100% safety record with no LTI’s/LTA’s
    • Integrated service available
    • A proven history of supply to numerous operating companies
    • Full logistical backup and mobilisation support
    • Dedicated team of specialist stratigraphers

NaviSTRAT™ has been established to provide our clients with a single -point source for multidisciplinary wellsite stratigraphic services removing the need for separate contractors.