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Ichron Limited


Providing solutions to stratigraphic problems through the application of high resolution biostratigraphic analysis, delivered by an ever expanding group of experienced biostratigraphers with international expertise throughout the stratigraphic column.

Ichron Limited | Palynology


By identifying palynomorphs including pollen, spores, dinoflagellate cysts, acritarchs, algae and chitinozoans; we are abl...

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Ichron Limited | Micropalaeontology


The application of micropalaeontology consists of the identification of foraminifera, diatoms, radiolaria and ostracods. I...

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Ichron Limited | Nannopalaeontology


For post Palaeozoic sequences, the identification of calcareous nannofossils (coccoliths and coccospheres) has become an i...

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