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By identifying palynomorphs including pollen, spores, dinoflagellate cysts, acritarchs, algae and chitinozoans; we are able to help correlate the well strata and determine the relative age of a significant boundary, horizon, formation or stratigraphical sequence; producing a robust stratigraphic zonation scheme on a single well or field wide project.

By utilising palynology, it is also possible to interpret the palaeoenvironment by examining the changes in total kerogen assemblages (palynofacies).

Through our experienced team of palynologists we can provide:

  • Quantitative and semi-quantitative palynological analyses
  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction
  • Legacy data review
  • Palynofacies interpretation
  • Integration with micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology, sedimentology and chemical stratigraphy
  • Data delivered with ODM3™ and StrataBugs™ licensed software
  • Wellsite application to monitor or aid in the placement of coring, casing and TD picks.
  • Training courses and workshops

Analysis can be performed on wet ditch cuttings, washed and dried ditch cuttings, SWC, CORE or outcrop samples, with all preparations undertaken in our own ‘in-house’ bespoke laboratory. Typically, projects can consist of upto to 200 samples per well depending on the interval size and the required level of resolution.