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Field Courses

Ichron has established a reputation for the high quality analysis of depositional systems from subsurface datasets. Much of this success can be attributed to our in-house research portfolio of outcrop analogues.

Staff members have been working on some of these outcrops for up to 30 years and so have a detailed knowledge of their potential for delivering high quality training courses. Collectively, the outcrops offer excellent opportunities to view sand body geometries and levels of heterogeneity within a range of depositional systems. Our field courses range from highly focussed process-sedimentology trips to those based more around structural controls on sedimentation. We are also pleased to put together more general trips of a team-building nature.

Courses currently available:

  • UK (Yorkshire) field course – Our Yorkshire field courses are tailored to address specific reservoir issues and provide classic exposures of fluvio-deltaic and shallow marine deposits analogous to Middle and Upper Jurassic sediments of the North Sea
  • Italy field course (Apennines) – Focussing on understanding and predicting the subsurface distribution of high-quality gravity-flow sands and low-permeability baffles with reference to the North Sea, West Africa and Brazil
  • Portugal field courses (Atlantic and Algarve coasts) – Our Portugal courses are tailored to address specific reservoir issues, including channel styles and sand body connectivity within fluvial systems, shoreface versus shelf depositional systems and structural controls on reservoir development. All are highly applicable to understanding Triassic and Jurassic reservoirs across the Northwest European shelf
  • The Spanish Basque coast is the setting for our new field course focussing on deep-marine depositional systems, including spectacular outcrops of turbidite channels and associated lobe deposits. These outcrops allow sand body architecture to be seen at seismic scale and demonstrate the link between depositional sub-environment and trace fossil assemblages in deep-water settings.

Field exercises demand observation at the outcrop and promote communication between geoscientists and non-geoscientists alike. All field courses include a range of cultural activities, whether in the spectacular surroundings of Portugal and Italy, or the more traditional setting of the Yorkshire coast. The course leaders are also fully certified St. Johns ambulance first aiders.