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Image log analysis

Image log analysis (ILA) provides important structural, sedimentological and geomechanical data for use in reservoir evaluation, including the recognition and orientation of structural domains/zones, palaeoslopes, bedding styles, sediment dispersal patterns and the contemporary in situ stress regime.

ILA is performed by our in-house team of specialists using Terrastation II software. Our image analysts are experienced reservoir geologists committed to providing independent data QC, robust analysis and meaningful geological solutions.

  • Data quality control and processing
  • Data processing &/or processing enhancement
  • Depth shifting
  • Interpretation confidence assessment
  • Manual surface and feature identification
  • Structural analysis – structural domains/zones and tectonic tilt correction
  • Fracture and fault characterisation
  • Sedimentological analysis – palaeoslopes, bedding styles and sediment dispersal patterns
  • Sand flagging
  • Stress regime analysis – contemporary in situ stress regime
  • Image log and core data integration
  • Core goniometry
  • Facies analysis
  • Integration and interpretation

ILA can be undertaken as a stand-alone project or in combination with any or all of the other disciplines Ichron offers. Our ability to integrate services provides our clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from common project management across disciplines, thereby reducing costs, maximising quality control and ensuring efficient data transfer.

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