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Petrographic analysis of a range of types can be carried out on core, sidewall core and ditch cuttings samples. Thin section analysis is routinely used to statistically quantify grain size, sorting parameters, detrital and authigenic mineralogy and porosity types.

The resultant data can be closely integrated with the results of X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), isotope data, fluid inclusions, core analysis, geochemistry and cathodoluminescence (CL) analysis in order to understand the diagenetic history of the samples and derive important information regarding the morphology of pores and cement types. Integrating the results of the above enables one to precisely evaluate textual and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality.

  • Thin section preparation and description (clastic, carbonate and basement)
  • Statistical grain size analysis (100 point)
  • Detailed modal analysis (200, 300 point)
  • Whole-rock XRD analysis
  • Clay-fraction XRD analysis
  • Detailed SEM and BSEM analysis
  • Cathodoluminescence analysis
  • Image analysis

Petrography can be undertaken as a stand-alone project or in combination with any or all of the services Ichron offers. Our ability to integrate services provides our clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from common project management across disciplines, thereby reducing costs, maximising quality control and ensuring efficient data transfer.